Getting Started

Want to become a member of our Just Fur-Babies family? 

We do not take “family” lightly – our clients deserve nothing less then the best professional & personalized service in Kansas City! We are the Aunt’s and Uncle’s your pets love to see – our time is their time for cuddles and extra loves.

Ready? Sit, stay….GO! (Let’s get the business stuff out of the way)

Meet & Greet is defined as having a session of being introduced to and questioned by members of the public. Just Fur-Babies uses that same concept for our free initial in-home consultation. Instead of the public, it provides the opportunity for the Pet Parent, Fur-Baby and Pet Care Provider to “interact” – peace of mind that we are the right fit for your family! These 10 steps outline How To Get Started:

  1. Contact Us today! Call, email or go to the contact page
  2. Prepare a list of questions and/or concerns in advance to discuss during this time.
  3. An initial FREE Meet & Greet in home visit will be scheduled
  4. In home visit provides the opportunity for you & your fur family to get acquainted with us and we get acquainted with you. It takes about an hour to complete.
  5. A detailed profile will be completed for each fur-baby in your home and discuss their needs and your expectations
  6. Service recommendations, frequency and length will be determined
  7. We will ask for a key (please test first) that will be kept in a safe in our office. We could access by a garage code, but In case there is a power failure, we need to make sure we have access to assist your pet.
  8. Payment for first service assignment is due in advance. We accept credit cards, cash and checks.
  9. All Service Agreement documentation will be reviewed and signed
  10. Can’t forget the goodies! You will receive a New Client Gift and Welcome Pack filled with treats and information to snack and review together!

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“Kelly is uber professional & deals well with my “special needs” cat – love her!”
– Dorothy T.

Ready to get started?

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